• Why Lawyers Fail to Write Compelling Marketing Content | Andrew Abel | AdvisioWhy Lawyers Fail to Write Compelling Marketing Content | Andrew Abel | Advisio

World renowned marketer and brilliant copywriter, Dan Kennedy, famously once said ?you are one good sales letter away from a million dollar business?.

Whether you?re writing a sales letter, or content for your online marketing, the saying holds true. So to be an effective marketer you need to get really good at writing copy.

But let?s face it ? you?re not a copywriter or even a marketer, you?re a lawyer and writing copy just doesn?t come naturally for most of you. You’re probably great at the technical aspects of what you do, but writing compelling copy is just plain hard work.

??And it?s hard work for a number of reasons; it takes time, you?re not sure what to write and you don?t know how to construct it.

All of that makes it hard to commit to as an integral part of your marketing strategy, but let me help you out.

Now this is not going to turn you into a Dan Kennedy, but it will give you 4 keys to quickly have you heading in the right direction to writing more compelling copy for your legal practice.

Dial In Your Target

This is big mistake number one for advisors in general and lawyers in particular. For most of you, you?re not marketing to your colleagues. So don?t write content only your colleagues will understand. And I’m sorry to say that is what the vast majority of lawyers do.

Instead, get really clear on your target (I use the term ?Avatar? with my clients). As the reader I want to feel like you wrote this article just for me, not one of your colleagues. As a general rule, the broader you make your audience the less relevant your audience will consider the content to be to their individual circumstances.

Talk To The Problem Your Content Solves

Talk to the problem your content seeks to solve. This is critical. Your clients don?t buy YOU when they engage you as their lawyer. They buy solutions to their problems. You, are only the vehicle they select to help them solve their problem. So talk to the problem.

Here?s a critical distinction ? talk to the problem, not necessarily the solution. When you nail the problem you build authority and trust in the eyes of your prospective clients. When that happens you are more likely to acquire them as a client.

??Show Some Personality

Give your content a bit of personality and break down the stereotypes people have of your industry. And make it your own. By all means look at what others in your space are doing but don’t imitate them. You need to find your own style. That way you’re more likely to attract the types of clients who are the best match for you.

I tend to use video a bit and that helps people connect with me more readily because they get a sense of who I am. Whilst I can write a well articulated article I prefer to communicate in a more conversational way. Regardless, whatever the medium, don?t forget to inject a bit of you into your content.

Frameworks Are The Secret Sauce

Finally, to reduce the pain of producing content, use frameworks to organise your content. Publishing content can be hard work. It takes time, you might not know what to write about, and it’s hard to be consistent.

That’s why I suggest using frameworks to quickly construct your content. With the right frameworks, like the frameworks I share with my clients, you can construct the outline for a piece of content in minutes, not hours. It ensures the key elements exist in your content so it’s got the best chance of attracting your prospects.

Whether you?re constructing an article, an email, a headline, a landing page, using frameworks is the secret sauce for powering up the effectiveness of your marketing.


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