Let’s talk about the importance of showing up. If you want to build influence in your space, in your sphere,
if you want to be an adviser of influence, you’ve got to commit to showing up every single day.

Now as many of you know, I’ve been on this this journey of committing to video in the LinkedIn feed
and even in these early days, it’s kind of interesting to see what’s happening. Engagement is slowly building and I didn’t expect it to build very quickly at all, but it is slowly building
and that’s very encouraging.

What’s even more encouraging is the amount of offline inquiry that I’m getting and it’s just showing how that familiarity and consistently being in the space is starting to build trust with my audience.

Robert Cialdini talks in his book ?INFLUENCE?, he talks about the six pillars of influence. And one of them is consistency or commitment – that practice of showing up day in day out in whatever space you’re operating. And so I can’t overemphasize the importance of consistency enough.

If there’s anything that holds people back it is consistently showing up in their space. You know, when I think about the people that are showing up in my feed day in day out
and I’ll mention some of them, Stacey Ashley, Edward Zia, Cullen Haynes, Shay Rowbottom, these people that I’m looking at in my feed every day. Some of them I met some of them I haven’t but all of them, I feel like I could walk into a room and hold a conversation with them because I know them.

That’s why it’s just so important for you, for your clients, for your prospective clients, for your audience to consistently show up.

My name is Andrew Abel.

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