I’m here on this beautiful, clean and bright winter’s morning. And I just want to send a word of encouragement out.

It’s been a hard year. We’ve just finished one financial year and started another one. It’s easy to get that sense of overwhelm. Certainly, when I’m talking to people either on LinkedIn or on the phone I’m getting that sense of, look I hear what you’re saying some really good stuff there, but I struggle to stay consistent and to get the momentum.

And so can I encourage you that in business, in your practice, the focus is not on the end goal. Yes you have to keep your goals in vision and keep it there in front of you because it gives you a reference point in the universe. But what’s most important is what you do today what’s most important is how you decide to move the needle today.

So rather than focus on the last day where overwhelm comes in let’s focus on the next step.

That’s my very simple message to you today don’t focus on the end focus on what’s in front of you now. Move the needle make progress get some momentum in your practice and you’ll be surprised how quickly things turned.

My name is Andrew Abel. Bye for now.

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