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So what’s the quickest way to accelerate your journey as a Professional Services adviser? Well, I think it’s to stop thinking like an employee and start thinking like an entrepreneur.

Certainly, if I was to go back to my past self, as an employee, as a CFO, I think that’s the advice I would have given myself – stop thinking like an employee. Start thinking like an entrepreneur.

Because when you think like an entrepreneur you’re starting everything from a fundamentally different place, a place that accelerates the journey.

Now sure, I see tonnes of employees who clearly approach their work like they’re an entrepreneur and if that’s you good on you because you’re on the right path.

By the same token, I said plenty of firm owners, plenty of Partners in firms that still kind of have this employee approach to the way they do things. If that’s you then I think it’s probably time to make some changes.

But when you approach everything as an entrepreneur the world shifts.

You know, when you start thinking, look how do I build authority as an expert in my space? How am I going to attract and win work so that I’ve always got a steady stream of clients coming through the door? How am I going to change and morph my business models so that they work better for the client and better for me at the same time? How do I amplify my reach and my message so that I’m getting to more of the people that I want to work with?

These are the sorts of things that entrepreneurs concern themselves with.

And because their mind is focused on these things,it accelerates the journey.

When you’re an employee your kind of just passive you just letting everything come to you and that puts you at greater risk.

But entrepreneurs, they take charge, they own their situation, and they go after it.

So if I have one piece of advice for accelerating your journey, that’s it. Stop thinking like an employee and start thinking like an entrepreneur.

My name is Andrew Abel. Bye for now.

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