• Using Webinars to Sell High Value Advisory Services | Andrew Abel | AdvisioUsing Webinars to Sell High Value Advisory Services | Andrew Abel | Advisio

Unless you?ve been hiding under a rock for the last couple of years you all should know what a webinar is, and I?d guess 95% or more of you have participated in a webinar before, probably for training. And as you know they can be a really effective communication medium for a whole bunch of reasons.

So if that?s the case my question for you is ?why not use them to market your services??

Put simply, webinars are one of the most effective ways to sell high priced legal services, but when you look around the industry I don?t see all that many firms using them for that and I?m not sure why.

Perhaps it?s because firms haven?t thought about it, or because they don?t know how or maybe they?ve tried it and it didn?t work for them so they gave up. Whatever the reason you?re potentially leaving wads of cash on the table by ignoring them.

Here?s the thing, people today, your clients and prospective clients are buying experts. They?re not buying someone shouting from the rooftops about how great their firm is.

Just on that point. Recently I was at a conference with a client of mine and there were at least two law firms in attendance. One had a stall in the main auditorium with pop up banners and the works, the other firm (my client) was a speaker at the conference. And prior to the presentation I took the time to watch how effective a sales strategy it was ?for a law firm to have a static display. Do you know that in a full half hour not one person stopped to talk to that firm. Not one. In contrast, at the end of the presentation given by my client 4 people were lined up at the stairs to the stage waiting to talk with the experts, and I know at least 2 of those 4 are now clients of the firm.

Webinars Are Your Virtual Stage

So let me give you a few reasons why I like using webinars to market an advisory offering.

First one, and we?ve already discussed it, is they allow you to sell with authority, to position yourself as the expert. And let?s be honest, I haven?t met an advisor?who didn?t want to be an expert.

Next, whilst they?re great for selling low priced offerings, they are awesome positioning for selling high priced service offerings. Think about it from your own perspective. If you?re thinking about parting with large sums of money don?t you want some reassurance you?re going to get value for it? Of course you do. With webinars you can provide that reassurance to those looking to buy your services

Third, if you?ve niche?d your offering and you want to speak to a particular market, or segment of that market, but they?re located all over the place, well with webinars you can now reach them for next to nothing. Not only that, but because webinars can be so interactive you can learn a lot about your market. I encourage all of my clients to niche? their practice or at least offerings within the practice and webinars, along with some other really cool digital technology provides the perfect platform for them to do that.

Finally, they?re a great way to build your list and they?re accessible and affordable for even the smallest firm. So if you?re a solo practitioner you now have no excuse to not compete with the big guys.

Before I wind this up and to be completely transparent, I used to fear webinars, I used to curl up in the feotal position just at the thought of them, but now I love them.? Once I learnt how to build them, promote them, deliver them and build an entire marketing funnel around them they quickly became one of my most favourite things.

If this sounds like something you want to add to your marketing system then I strongly suggest you check out this webinar and I’ll show you how.

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