Just a really quick message that I wanted to share with you today. You can only win the game if you’re in the game. Let me say that again. You can only win the game if you’re actually in the game. You see the game of business is never won in your head. It’s only ever won when you’re actually out there in the marketplace in are actually doing some stuff. And I think there’s a real trap that we can very easily find ourselves always preparing for battle, you know always training for the game and it’s a really deceptive place to be. And I’ve been there, you know, you’re in there you’re working hard you’re doing all the stuff in the in sort of the back end, you know, you’re working on your website or you’re putting new videos together, or maybe you’re preparing a new service or you’re trying to find a new way to get to your market. But whilst ever you’re working in that zone, you’re actually not in front of clients and you’re not earning revenue and you’re not growing you’re marketplace or moving into a new market space. You kind of you deceptively lulling yourself into this false sense of security that the momentum is going to come later. It’s very easy to make these convenient excuses for not doing the stuff which makes a difference. And so my very clear and simple message to you today is it’s time to get back in the game. You know, if there’s something you’ve been working on for a while it’s time to deploy. It’s time to get it out there in the marketplace. So record that video, run that webinar, do that seminar, go and get those next 10 consultations that you need to take your practice to the next level. Stop making excuses and stop convincing yourself that what you’re doing is actually making a difference. Get out there get in front of your clients get in front of your market and start putting your message in front of them. I hope that’s been useful. I know sometimes I’ve needed to hear that message. Hope that’s been useful for you today. Love to hear your thoughts. Hit me up in the comments below. Tell me that you’re back in the game. Love to hear that. My name is Andrew Abel. This is Advisio. Bye for now.

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