I want to share with you an observation that I’ve made about people that are smashing it on social media and the one thing that they do exceptionally well that sets him apart from everybody else.

And it’s got nothing to do with how well they speak, or how will they present, or how much expertise they possess, or even how professional their video production is.

It all comes down to this one thing, how well they connect with their audience, how well they’re able to transfer their message from one side of the camera to the other side of the camera.

You’ve only got to look down your feed and look at the sorts of people that you follow and try to identify what it is about them that really helps you connect with them.

I think a really good example has come out of the most recent election, and without wanting to be political, the way that Prime Minister Scott Morrison engaged me during the election was something I haven’t seen a politician do before. We’re kind of used to them being stage-managed and scripted and talking to the television, doing news conferences and those sorts of things.

Instead, he took a different path. He pulled his phone out of his pocket, he pulled up Facebook live and he went live to the nation. And the thing that really struck me about that approach was that
he was looking down the lens of the camera and he was talking just to me. He was having a conversation just with me.

It’s a really powerful medium if you can harness it. And the good news about that is that you don’t have to be flamboyant to make it work. You don’t need to be flawless in your delivery. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a head for radio. You don’t need to be the expert.

You do have to be there. You have to be you and you have to care about the individual that you’re speaking to. You?ve just got to be real. And the best thing about that is that your vibe, what you’re putting out there on camera, your vibe will attract your tribe. You won?t attract someone else’s tribe, you?ll only attract the sorts of people that you want to work with. You only attract the sorts of people that want to work with you.


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