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Brand visibility is crucial for client acquisition. To amplify your brand visibility one strategy you must use is to re-purpose your content, your marketing content.

As an adviser, as a lawyer, as an accountant, you’re selling your intellectual property, your intellectual capital. And unlike a physical, tangible product were you can touch it, you can feel it, smell it, you can engage with it, you’re selling something that’s intangible. People can’t see it, they can’t put their hands around it and so it’s very hard for you to communicate value. But in order for someone to buy, they’ve got to get a sense of the value you can provide. That’s why producing content which speaks to the problems that they have, positions value and gives you an authority or an expert status in their eyes.

But here’s the thing, prospects consume content, or they like to consume content in different ways. Some people want to watch a video, some people want to listen to an audio or a podcast, some people might just want to read text, they want to read an article. And I know from talking to many of you, you find creating content just hard work. It’s just full of friction. First you need to figure out what to say, and then you need to allocate the time to go and put it all down on paper. That’s all time that’s not going to the billable work, and now I’m telling you that you’ve got to produce more of it in different formats.

I don’t want to overwhelm you because I know for many of you that you’re kind of already in that space. So let me just give you some strategies to be able to do this as effortlessly as possible and let me unpack quickly how I do this.

Begin In Your Genius

Start with the medium that you are most comfortable with. When I started on my content journey I got really focused on writing long form articles because I thought that’s what the market wanted. And people did engage well with it but it just didn’t work for me. So I’m actually pretty good at writing an article but it took a lot of time and for me that was friction and it was time that I wasn’t actually engaging with people and so I needed to find easier, more seamless ways to be able to get my content out and so for me, I always start with video. So and I’ll talk in another post about how I create, how I actually create the content itself. But I always start with video and so once I’ve got my basic outline and my dot points and I use a framework for that, once I’ve got my outline and my dot points I just stand up and talk and talk to a video like I’m doing right now.

Multiply and Leverage

Once the video is finished, it gets produced and it gets uploaded to YouTube. I then send the link off to a crowd called rev.com. They do two things for me. They produce captions, or subtitles if you like, and if you watch the video you’ll see subtitles there at the bottom of the video. That’s important so that viewers can engage with the video with the sound turned off.

The second thing produced is a transcript of the video. I take the transcript and I adjust it marginally and I load that up onto my website. So now I’ve got video and I’ve got written from, which is great for search engines. In the past, I don’t do it at the moment but in the past I would also separate the audio track from the video, from the actual visual track and I would have an audio track on the site as well.

Schedule For Amplification

The result is one production point but I’ve got three different outputs which I can send that across different mediums, different channels. One of the most effective ways to do that is to schedule it out using a social media scheduling tool. At present I use SmarterQueue. Smarterqueue allows you to create a schedule, categorise different types of posts, post to multiple channels depending on your plan, and recycles your content continuously.

The Secret

From trial and error the thing that was a real secret for me was to outsource the things in the content production chain I either didn’t like doing or was no good at. In my case that was the technical things and the detail things. I discovered I needed to focus on my genius and let others focus on theirs. Without that approach there was simply too much friction in the process and that became an obstacle.

Next Step

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