Don’t Sell Advice…Diagnose

Gday, it?s Andrew Abel here. Today I want to talk to anyone who is in the business of providing Professional Services advice. I?m talking to lawyers, accountants, advisers, anyone that’s engaged in either provision or the sales of advice.

And if that’s you then I want to suggest that you stop selling advice and instead you start diagnosing the problem.

If you’re like me you hate selling advice and there’s reason for it, you know, because we see ourselves as the expert and when we’re in sales mode, we’re pushing a product or an offering on others and that feels really clunky. It feels kind of it’s like wearing an ill-fitting suit and we don’t want to be in that space. We don’t want to be talking about price. We don’t want to feel like the sleazy sales guy.

So what I want to suggest instead is that you start diagnosing. You think of yourself like the doctor. So when a client comes to you, let’s think about in the context of an initial consultation. They come to you they come to you with a problem. Your job is to articulate that problem and draw out what’s really going on for them better than they can themselves. Because if you can do that,
you will win the right to help them with implementation.

So the first thing we’ve got to do is we’ve got to focus on them. We’ve got to focus on their problem. The next thing we’ve got to do is we’ve got to take them to the desired future outcome. What is that point that promise that you’re going to make that if they work with you you will take them from their problem with all the pains and frustrations that come with that and take them to their desired outcome, your promise.

If you can establish those two points and you can show them how big the gap is in between, then all you have to do to close the deal is write the prescription. And the prescription is that treatment that you’re going to provide to them to take them from where they are now to where they need to get to.

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My name is Andrew Abel. Bye for now.

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