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Today I want to talk to you about the first step in building lead flow inside LinkedIn.

So we’re talking lead flow, we’re talking your client attraction, how you attract, engage, generate genuine inquiry to your firm for the services that you provide.

And we’re talking about doing that on the LinkedIn platform. So right now there’s about half a billion members on LinkedIn. 100 million of those log in every single day and LinkedIn have actually said that they want the platform to go from its half a billion now to three billion in the next five to ten years. So it’s got a long way to go and there’s still plenty of opportunity engaging with your market inside of LinkedIn.

Now for me, I know that I generate a significant, in fact I’d say the majority of my leads come through the engagement that I have on LinkedIn. And I find it really surprising when I talk to advisers, lawyers and accountants and they tell me that they don’t get leads out of LinkedIn. Most of them won’t get leads out of LinkedIn. And I just think there is an extraordinary amount of money that’s being left on the table because people either don’t know how or they’re not willing to engage with their market on LinkedIn.

So let’s give you some practical tips to get that journey started for you today and get your lead flow sorted out on LinkedIn.

It begins with optimising your Linkedin profile. That’s your page, if you like, when someone comes in, they want to find out about you, they’re going to go to your profile, and you’ve got about five seconds to engage them, to convince them that you’re someone that’s worth connecting with, that you might somehow provide some value to them. If you can’t do that in five seconds, they’re gone, you’ll never see them again. So, if that’s the timeframe, we’ve got to get really super sharp on how we craft that profile. And without going into a full blown analysis of what you should do there, there are four elements that I’d say you need to focus on straight away.

Profile Photo

First one is this, is the profile photo. This is not Facebook. I don’t need pictures of the dogs or your family or your latest trip to the beach or any of that sort of stuff. It is a professional networking site. Get a professional headshot up there so people know who it is that they’re engaging with.


The second thing is, there is a big banner behind your profile, behind your profile photo. That is standard LinkedIn blue but you can change that. You can put your own cover up there. Now I’d suggest that you do that and that that cover scream the market that you help, the problem that you solve, how you engage. So there’s a lot of real estate up there and when people see that, they should know instantly what it is that you do.

Name and Headline

The third thing is your name and your headline. Now your name is just for your name. I don’t need your post-nominals, I’m not interested in what it is that you do there or what you call yourself. It’s for your name. I need to know who it is that I’m connecting with. Underneath that is a headline. Now what most people do is they put I’m a senior associate, I’m a chartered accountant. The problem with that is, it says what you are. It doesn’t say what you do. It doesn’t talk about who you help and I think that’s the big missed opportunity. You need to scream it so that people will know who it is they’re connecting with and how they add value. I’ve said that a few times but it’s so, so important. And then very quickly just drop down, the fourth element is the profile summary.

Profile Summary

So if someone’s got through those first three elements, and it looks like it might be something that’s useful for them, then give them more detail. Show them what problem it is that you solve. How do you help them solve that problem? How can they get in touch with you? Put your contact details in the profile summary, so they don’t have to look for it. Make it easy for them to take the next step.

I know that’s only an overview but that’s something that I’d encourage everyone to do because there is so much opportunity for professional service advisers to engage with their market on LinkedIn and if you’re not doing it, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

If you’d like to learn more about how you do that for yourself, or for members of your advice team, then let’s have 15 minutes on the phone together to talk about what might be involved in your individual circumstance. To schedule a time in my diary simply click on this link.

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