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Have you got one of those stories of the one that got away? I remember years ago, as a kid, deep sea fishing with my Dad off the coast of Vanuatu. We had been out for a couple of hours before we hooked up a marlin. After almost five hours we eventually we got it up alongside the boat, and were just about to land it when it gave one final surge, the line snapped and it got away. All that work and nothing but memories to show for it.

Why tell you that story? Well, because that?s kind of how online marketing works. You can spend a lot of time attracting your prospects, getting them to your website, then they?re gone forever. Heartbreaking, and costly.

But well constructed landing pages can change all of that. Landing pages are often the difference between traffic and leads. And if you?re serious about marketing your practice online or you want to automate your online marketing landing pages are an essential piece of kit.

A landing page is basically a custom page which has been designed for a single focused objective.

Good landing pages target a particular prospect with a very specific problem, and offer them something of value to help them solve that problem. When the prospect opts in to receive the free offer you?ve captured the lead.

The problem is very few advice firms use them or know how to use them effectively.

Why Are Landing Pages So Useful?

There are many reasons why use should use landing pages, but let me give you five.

Increase Conversions

This is the core reason and ultimately supersedes all of those below. The purpose of a website, online marketing, a landing page is to capture leads. Landing pages, because they can be so targeted have the ability to dramatically increase lead capture. This is all about maximising marketing ROI.

Niche? Targeting

Awesome for any accounting or legal firm, but particularly useful for general practice firms. The big marketing problem for any general practice firm is to make your marketing messages as targeted as possible in an environment where your offering is quite broad.

With landing pages it?s possible to pick a niche? market and tailor messages to that specific niche?, without impacting the generalist brand or presence. Theoretically, if you had the time or the inclination, you could tailor messages for literally hundreds of niche?s.

Test Marketing Messages

The truth in marketing is some messages POP and some messages FLOP. If you?re not sure which messages will resonate best with your market then split test them. Send some traffic to landing page ?A? and some traffic to landing page ?B? and see what converts better. Once you?ve got sufficient intelligence?shut the low converting page down and seek to improve on the higher converting page.

Collect Information About Your Prospects

Every time a prospect engages with your firm by completing a conversion form on a landing page you?re collecting valuable demographic information about them. That helps you fine tune your targeting for future marketing activities.

Message Alignment

Any advertising will be much more effective when it is directed to a landing page which contains only information contained in the ad. This is called message alignment. When messages aren?t aligned the prospect becomes confused and when confused prospects will typically leave the page without taking action. This is what happens when your ad directs your prospect to your home page.

Landing pages are a critical element of any successful online marketing funnel, they facilitate marketing automation and when used effectively, capture more leads for your practice.

To see where they fit into your overall marketing machine grab a free copy of the New Client Attraction System and you’ll learn the role of landing pages in practice marketing automation.

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