Let me give you a very quick message about content.What sort of content to create, what sort of filters to put it through.

Mostly I want to talk about the filters. How do I decide, what is the right content for me to be putting out? So I use three filters when I look at content on my journey.

The first one is: Is this good for my brand? Is it consistent with my brand? Is it in alignment with my brand? Is it putting the message out that I want my brand to convey?

The second thing is this: Is it good for my business? Is it actually going to contribute to lead flow and that brand consistency of the business, because whilst I have a personal brand, I also have a business brand.

The third thing is: Is it good for the client? Is the client going to find the content useful and it’s something they can get value out and apply in their own situation.

The three filters I use for content:

  1. Is it good for my brand?
  2. Is it good for my business?
  3. Is it good for my client?

I’m Andrew Abel. Bye for now.

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