• Business Health Review

    Prevention is better than a cure. Get your business a check up

Businesses evolve so quickly. The clients and customers you serve will change, your offering will change, suppliers, employees, systems and processes will change, and of course the environment within which you operate will change.

You simply can?t be across every detail you need to be and do business at the same time. No one can. That?s why it?s important to get regular check-ups. That?s what our Business Health Review is for businesses ? a check-up.

The business Health Review will audit up to 150 separate items in your business to review their currency and compliance with constantly changing legislation. We?ll review items relevant to your business such as:

? Workplace compliance and protection such as your employment contracts, recruitment and termination protocols;
? Commercial leases and licences
? Insurance contracts
? Finance agreements
? Supplier agreements
? Terms of trade
? Intellectual property protections
? Licences and registrations
? Partnership agreements
? Shareholder agreements
? Succession plans
? Current disputes

The audit will identify areas of weakness which potentially expose your business. We?ll then put a program of rectification together, complete with our fees to remedy the weakness. Then it?s up to you as to what you engage us to fix and over what period of time.

The best part is you can rest assured you are reducing risk and cost in your business, and in doing so maximising profit and growth.
To discuss your next Business Health Review get in touch with us and speak with one of your expert business lawyers.

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