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    Ensuring your people remain an asset and don?t become a liability

One of the best ways to grow your business is to employ others to help you service your growing customer base. By leveraging the skills of your employees you?re able to accelerate your growth.

When you hire employees in Australia there are laws, both federal and state, which prescribe how you are to engage with them. These laws cover workplace health and safety and workplace relations, and they are both numerous and complex.

To ensure your people remain an asset and don?t become a liability you need to ensure you?re up to date on legislative changes and you have systems and processes in place to remain legally compliant in all your dealings with employees.

Practically this means you need to know how you will recruit new staff, how you?ll manage them on a day-to-day basis, and if the need arises how you will terminate their services.

The sorts of things we?ll help you put in place include things like workplace policies and procedures, employment agreements, determining the relevant awards and conditions to pay your employees, procedures for managing terminations and redundancies, workplace health and safety and should the need arise to help you resolve employment related disputes.

Being proactive in your approach towards your employees is the most sensible and cost-effective approach.

To discuss how we can help you get in front of the game in respect of managing your employees get in touch with us today and talk with one of our employment law experts about your business.


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