• Divorce

    We're here to help you walk through a difficult process.

All relationships, no matter how strong, have their ups and downs. Unfortunately, not all relationships survive and when you?ve built a life together it is often a complex process to go your separate ways, regardless of whether you?re married or in a de facto relationship.

For most people, this is a time of significant emotional stress and trauma where the sense of loss can be overwhelming. In addition to that sense of overwhelm the circumstances of both parties will inevitably change. This may include property and financial matters and where children are involved agreeing parenting arrangements.

In Australia separation and divorce follows a separate process to that required to settle property, financial and children?s disputes. The law in Australia, recognising that relationships exist in different forms, makes provision for married couples, heterosexual de facto couples and same sex de facto couples.

It is not a time where you want to be making decisions based on emotion. That?s where we come in.

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