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    Andrew Abel

    BCom, MCom, FIPA, GAICD

Life?s a journey and we never know where it will take us next. Growing up there was only one thing Andrew wanted to do ? fly planes for a living. But life had other ideas, and as it?s turned out he wouldn?t have it any other way.

So instead of travelling at Mach 2?he became an accountant. We know it?s not quite as glamorous, but as it turned out he?s got a talent for growing businesses. You see, with more than 20 years in commerce, more than half of which in senior executive roles, he?s develop the ability to understand very quickly what?s going on in a business and what?s the fastest path to growth and profitability.

It was never in his DNA to spend his entire career working for someone else and so he set out to bring that insight to all manner of businesses as a consultant. As both his client list and the variety of business types he worked with grew he realised he had a problem. He was working harder than before, was tired all of the time, his revenue capacity was capping out and his ability to scale his practice had become virtually non-existent. Everything was time-for-money and something had to give.

His business needed a complete reset. Through this journey he came to the realisation the people he liked working with the most, and the people he was able to help achieve strong results for, were people not unlike himself -professional advisers ? accountants and lawyers in particular.

What he found initially surprised him and then inspired him. Here are two trusted advisers, accountants and lawyers, with so much overlap, helping so many people and yet many of them struggling to make the sort of money and achieve the kind of growth they aspired to. And it?s not because they?re not good at what they do, because they are. It?s simply because they don?t have the best approach to growing an advisory practice.

The best practices have clarity around who they help and what problems they solve. They have proven systems for client attraction and conversion. They?ve developed innovative and leveraged ways to deliver their services, and they?re obsessed about adding value to their clients. They know how to maximise their resources for optimal impact. And none of them do it on their own.

The best firms invest in their growth. They invest in the best training, education and implementation they can.

They see value in being part of a community of driven, like-minded professionals, on the same journey they?re on.

I see it to. And that?s my passion. That?s what drives me. To deliver to you the best training, education, implementation and community I can to accelerate the success of your advisory practice.

I?d love you to join me on the journey.

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