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Entrepreneur or Employee

Entrepreneur v Employee

So what’s the quickest way to accelerate your journey as a Professional Services adviser? Well, I think it’s to stop thinking like an employee and sta…

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Better Listening Improves The Client’s Experience

Let’s discuss the importance of listening. I want to talk about the importance of using these twice as much as use this.

Now God gave us two ears a…

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Target Everyone Attract No One

Let’s talk about a trap that I see so many of you falling into and I wonder if you’ve actually fallen foul of this yourself. And it’s this, that when …

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The Importance of Showing Up Consistently

Let’s talk about the importance of showing up. If you want to build influence in your space, in your sphere,
if you want to be an adviser of influenc…

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Move The Needle

I’m here on this beautiful, clean and bright winter’s morning. And I just want to send a word of encouragement out.
It’s been a hard year. We’ve just…

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Secure More Advisory Clients With Linkedin

Let’s talk about winning more work more clients through LinkedIn. If you are an adviser, an accountant or a lawyer and you want more clients through L…

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Progress Requires Motion

Progress requires motion. Don’t tell me that you’re struggling to make progress with a project that you’re working on or a project that you’ve been th…

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Presence Precedes Influence

If you want to be an influential adviser, you must first have presence.

Presence is that non-negotiable prerequisite for influence. What do I mean …

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