More Visibility, Influence & Impact in 30 days on Linkedin

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If you want to grow your visibility as an Adviser, particularly on Linkedin, this FREE online web class might be the most important training you do all year. 

What's It All About?

Linkedin is a powerful platform for professional advisers to grow strong professional networks, generate leads & secure new clients. It is the single best source of leads for my business. But many advisers are missing out on the opportunity to scale their practices because they don't leverage the platform to expand their reach and influence in their space.

The 30 day Building Linkfluence Experiment was conceived to demonstrate how it's entirely possible for anyone gain traction in less time than you might think, if you only commit. 

How Will It Work?

I will be your guinea pig, your live Experiment if you will. I won't be telling you what to do. I'll be doing it myself, on my own brand, in my own practice, with you looking on.

Everyday for 30 days I will post at least one video on Linkedin, engaging with my network & testing & measuring different approaches & strategies to see what works best.

When the experiment is over I will collate my findings and share them in an exclusive online masterclass. But you must register here to access the training.

This exclusive online FREE training will be IMPACTFUL for you and potentially TRANSFORMATIONAL for your brand and your practice

Register for the Web Class 

When the experiment is over I'll share my experience and all of the learnings, on this FREE web training, so you to can grow your visibility on the platform. 

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